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About myfactory International GmbH and myfactory.BusinessWorld stand for modern, innovative and holistic business software for medium size companies, but also for small companies and micro-enterprises. All applications are consistently internet and web based and thus update-proof. Already today they enable unlimited networking and integration of business processes - even with external business partners. This results in numerous, industry-spanning options, to apply valuable time and important resources economically.
The Company
myfactory International GmbH develops and sells high quality, innovative and networked company software for small and medium size companies. More than 21,000 users in over 3,800 European companies (status: August 2013) make myfactory one of the leading providers for web-based business solutions. With the fully web-based myfactory.BusinessWorld, myfactory International has established and continuously developed technologically, ultra-modern software with comprehensive functions in the areas of ERP, CRM, FiBu, PPS, MIS, HRM and B2B, since the market introduction in 2002. Furthermore myfactory offers numerous special solutions and add-on modules. The standard products of the company are also located on the portal available via the internet as Cloud solutions (SaaS).
This offer is the first ERP-focused, complete business software in Europe to be used in this way. More than 10 years of experience from users and sales partners was channelled into the development of the Cloud solution
Progress through technology, security through competence
A experienced, committed team in the myfactory development centre in Munich has developed a new generation of business software that could compensate for competitive disadvantages of small to medium size companies.

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Über uns

myfactory ist die webbasierte Business Software für KMU in den Bereichen ERP, CRM, PPS, MIS, Portal, Shop, Groupware und Finanzbuchhaltung.


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